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Accountant Zed



Nomenclature of Examinations


Foundation Examinations to be held in March and September each year are called Spring and Autumn Examinations and the  Professional Examinations held in June and December each year are called Summer and Winter Examinations respectively. Subject to some minor adjustment, the Foundation Examinations are held on the first Monday of March  and September each year. Similarly the Professional Examinations are held on the first Monday of June and December.


Time and Places of Examinations



Examinations are held twice a year, as mentioned above and at such place or places as the Examination Committee may from time to time  decide. The dates and places of the Examinations and other particulars are notified in the press well in advance of all the examinations.



The centers for examinations are usually Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, and Peshawar.


 Examination Fees/Refund of Fees



The Examination fee is determined by the Council from time to time and is informed through the press when inviting applications for  examinations.



Fees cannot be refunded or transferred from one examination to another and the full fee will be payable by a candidate at the subsequent  examination. Provided that candidates whose request to withdraw from an examination is received by the last date of receipt of applications for admission to the examination, such candidates will obtain full refund of  fee paid.


Examination Grades/Marks



ICAP at present provides grade sheets to candidates who fail in any of the subjects of an examination and advises them as under:



Grade A Excellent
Grade B Good
Grade C Pass
Grade R Referral
Grade D Fail
Grade E Bad Fail
Grade * Absent
Grade x Exempt



Candidates are not supplied with the number of marks obtained by them in any paper but each unsuccessful candidate is  informed of  his grade(s) in the paper or papers in which he has failed/passed as in 5.4.1 above.



A candidate who has failed to pass any examination or group or part of an examination may offer himself for that examination group or  part of an examination, as the case may be, on any subsequent occasion in such manner and within such period as may be determined by the Council.

Provided  that a candidate who is successful in all papers except in one paper of a part in Professional examination, he may be referred and allowed to take that paper again instead of re-appearing in all the papers as the  Council may decide.

Provided further that a candidate who is eligible under the foregoing proviso for being referred shall be permitted two attempts, which shall be at the two immediately succeeding  examinations.  Provided also that in case a candidate is unable to avail an attempt due to circumstances beyond his control to the satisfaction of the Examination Committee, it may permit such a candidate to defer  the attempt to an immediate succeeding attempt.